Schenker watermaker Smart 30 Manuell 12/24V Special


Strömfördelning - APC Sweden

Metered Rack PDUs include real power monitoring, a temperature/humidity sensor port, locking IEC receptacles, and ultra low profile circuit breakers. 60A. Maximum Line Current. 48A. Regulatory Derated Input Current (North America) 48A. Physical.

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Some sources are telling me its a 4 wire and others are telling me its a 3 wire. I am a rookie but I believe three phase plus earth is a 4 wire. 460R9W Pin & Sleeve Device Ip67 Female Receptacle 60A 3Phase 250Vac 3P 4W Watertight. $172.86 Hubbell HBL460P9W AC Plug IEC60309 460P9W Male IEC 309 Pin & Sleeve.

Schenker watermaker Smart 30 Manuell 12/24V Special

2 ATN Technical Data Effective November 2014 6A & 0A IC 39 IEC 60309 Waterproof Plug - 125/250V 1PH, 3P4W - Pin & Sleeve - 60 Amps - IP67 APC Switched 48-Outlet PDU - IEC 60309 3P+PE 60A - 42 x IEC 60320 C13, 6 x IEC 60320 C19 - 208 V AC - 17.20 kVA - 0U - Rack-mountable AP8967 RACK PDU 2G SWITCHED ZEROU PERP - 17.2KW 208V 42XC13 6XC19 Manufacturer Part Number: AP8967 Applications: Extend an IEC 309 560P9W plug up to 100 foot in industrial watertight electrical wiring applications. Also Known As: HBL560P9W power cord, 60A pin and sleeve power cord, 3 Phase 60A watertight, IEC 309 560P9W *Part number: IBX-41574-XX - ( XX = Length) Metered Rack PDU, Input: 208V 3PH, Input Connections: IEC 309 60A 3P+PE, Cord Length:6 feet ( 1.83 meters ), Output: 208V, Output Connections: IEC 320 C13 Includes : Installation guide, Rack Mounting brackets, Safety guide, Serial configuration cable IEC 309 60A 3P+PE 208 VAC input, 17.20 kVA power rating; 50/60 Hz frequency; Outlet connector: 30 x IEC 320 C13; Cord length: 1.83 meters; Maximum line current per phase: 48 A, Maximum input current per phase: 60 A Input: 60A - 208V 3PH Input Connections: IEC 309 60A 3P+PE Cord Length: 6 feet (1.83 meters) Output Connections: (30) C13 Output: 208V Mounting: ZeroU Includes: Installation guide, Rack Mounting brackets, Safety guide, Serial configuration cable 208V Input, Metered 3Ph 60A rackmount Power Distribution Unit Input: IEC-309 60A 3P+PE (17.3 kW) Output Receptacles: Twelve (12) C19 Outlets, Six (6) C13 … IEC 309 60A Blue plug with 6 ft.

Iec 309 60a 3p+pe

Strömfördelning - APC Sweden

I am a rookie but I believe three phase plus earth is a 4 wire. (3P+PE) IEC 309 60A : 60A (1) 3P: Schneider Electric Modular Power Distribution, Modular Power Accessories, and Rack PDUs.

fiacco notes, unless otherwise specified: 1. installation shall comply with applicable national, state and local codes. 2. see product documentation for further information.
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3. Examine the IEC 60309 (IEC 309) reference chart to find international plugs and connectors specifications.

(9.50 kg) Maximum Height 72.00 inches (1829 mm) Maximum Width 2.20 inches (56 mm) Maximum Depth 2.00 inches (51 mm) Shipping iec 60309 (6h) 60a/63a-250v (2p+e) watertight (ip67) plug, dual strain reliefs, "universal approvals".
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De är försedda med N och PE skenor Kapslingsklass: IP 65 enl. IEC Färg: Grå RAL 7035 med grön lucka. Höjd Bredd Djup modulkapsling mini Kaedra  BSccYhHr7_RzUc(0pO|GP ztOwuyj3vTtn@@T({CsTOuJ+PE=}!7WBWcHO{d=pvpIjHFU(M5V*49SoRT{ JC&&s7`5NcD2D1uRmFf?+|c@d9EZ)SL z7<2H9;MoGU6*JCo^>funiEOS4x#!309X=9vEj({6rbDId<8GnE57&inNNx#gAoNEy  INS-2342 Voltcraftďż˝ 510063 SPS 1560 PFC PowerSuply LCD 60A kom KAB-690 Transmedia TRN-FK2-ZPL 2.5m TV-SAT-kabel 9.5mm IEC kom 41,50 10,38 51,88 KAM-1856 Kodak 3942372 KLIC 7003 3.7v/1050mAh LiIonBattery kom 309,98 77 KON-3643 Asonic CL-P6307-3P pci IEEE1394a FW Card 2+1*ext. 66(5 Kapslingsklasser för elektrisk materiel enligt svensk Standard SS IEC 600 1,615 255 309 403 544 620 980 1080 1160 TE315LB-2 TE355M-2 TE355L-2 200 V vid cos ϕ = 1/0,8 A kVA S15W-60A* 1,8 1,8 2,6 71,2 7,8 2,2 S15W-75A* 2,1 2 Endast på förfrågan *Vikt utan motor: 13kg 131 Dimensioner SB110 3P WP  -18 1i 18 1i,-2c -91 -18 1h,p 1j 1l 1g 2l 1h 3p 1s 4q 2j 5t 3k 76 4u 8n 6k 9v 84 b8 sl 2q9 re 2sa q5 2ua oq 309 ne 325 m1 34s jq 37c hh 39i f2 3bk ch,3bk ch 3dj 9v 7u2 i9t 7tl,idq 7te iec 7ut,iec 818 ih8 81b,ika 81q ije 840,ieo 85a ifp 86l,ifp 83t 8 -9s,-1n -ae g -aa,-q -ag i -bd,6m1 60a 6m3 5r7 6nb 5r2 6nj 5o6 6oc 5ni 6oo  tvistade par med PE-isolerade solida ledare AWG24.

= -25°c +80°c. APC Metered Rack PDU AP8867 - 0U - 208V 3Phase IEC 309 60A 3P+PE Input / (30) C13 Output. $2,158.28 Free Shipping. Dell Business Credit As low as $65/mo.^ Apply for credit.